Chevron Crochet Napkins

I was tasked with making some crochet dishcloths to be used as napkins. The only requirement was that they were made with red and teal/ turquoise with a cream border. I was excited to try my hand at a chevron pattern, since napkins don’t have to be as strong as dishcloths. I am BEYOND excited at how these turned out and wish I could keep them for myself!


I would love to make some for myself. I guess that’s another thing I can add to my ever growing craft list! Note to self: finish pillow covers before beginning these or husband may give up on you and buy new pillows!!

I’ve tried hard over the past month to finish all the projects I’ve got “in progress.” One was a scarf for my step-mother that I started Super Bowl 2013. Yep, the nine month scarf. Truth be told, I ran out of the first skein and moved on to another project. It sat in my house over that entire time without so much as a glance until I made a promise to myself (and husband) to clean up my yarn explosion; it’s taken over our living room. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture to share, but this is the yarn color (a gorgeous dark purple).



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