Family Tree Wall

This project began long ago…so long ago that I can not recall when it started (gulp!). I remember stumbling across a family tree idea on Pinterest and thinking, “I should do something like that.”

I wanted to display the whole family together and found the perfect vinyl tree in California while visiting my sister. Of course, I didn’t buy it because I couldn’t fit in my carry-on. I was certain I could find one just like it when I returned home. BUT, I couldn’t. It may just be me, but whenever I am looking for something specific, I can never find it! JoAnn’s had a few trees, but they were too whimsical or had attached birds. Finally, I tried my hand at the internet and found the same one I stumbled upon in California.

All of the frames came from Goodwill. This part of the project took time ’cause I was picky with the look of the frames. As I collected them, I spray painted them in copper for an antique feel. Some of them were not meant to hang on he wall, so I had to attach picture hangers with super glue.

For continuity, I choose to print all the pictures with an effect similar to sepia, called cinnamon. Lucky for me Walgreens has an Android app that allowed me to print pictures directly from my phone (the only place with the cinnamon effect). However, this meant figuring out methods for getting the older photos I wanted to use to my phone. I won’t bore you with the processes here!

The final piece was adding a cute ‘lil family sign that I scored from Hobby Lobby. I am pleased with the final project.



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