Beanie Binge

I’m working through my list of craft to-do’s fairly quickly these days (unfortunately due to an unexpected work absence). I still owe my husband pillow covers, but before I could get to them I got sidetracked (craft ADD!) with making beanies and scarves. With fall upon us I find it hard not to make cozy things.


This was the one I made for myself with some yarn I found months ago at hobby lobby.


This is the same hat with a bobble stitch bow (not really attached).


Then, I made my niece one as promised. They are not exactly the same, but similar. I love how they turned out! Apparently my sisters did too because I got text requests for beanies for them. Jen (Adelyn’s mother) wants a matching beanie. Ana (my youngest sis) wants an Adelyn white beanie with grey trim and a pure black one for her husband.

At this rate, my husband wonders if he will ever get new pillow covers!


New “Detroit blue” Scarf


This is a gift for my mother just in time for Fall. As with most everything I make, I wish I could keep it!

Next up: a baby beanie for my niece. Only 5 months and already telling me via text that she needs things! Of course, it was a cute pic of her smiling face with a caption my sister wrote saying “Aunt Mindy, it’s getting cold and I need a beanie for my baby head.”