DIY Holiday Decor


I made this last year as a gift to a friend who provided bells for my craft intentions. It was super simple and easy. For this particular design, I purchased wood letters from JoAnn’s as well as sale glitter ribbon and a single sheet of scrapbook paper. Well, truth be told I always buy and additional sheet in case I screw up the first!
The bell was a gold or green color not appropriate for my vision, so I painstakingly hand painted several layers on. In retrospect, spray paint may have been easier! The bell had an awful attachment that was easily removed. I used a wire bread tie to attach the bow to the top of the bell. Surprisingly, it sits fairly well on its own, but you could glue it to a stand if needed.
I Mod Podged the paper to the letters. When dry, I flipped them over and used an exacto knife to carefully trim away excess. I sealed with a few more layers of Mod Podge and voila!