Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

When my sister proposed I host her baby shower I was thrilled. I was able to put my creativity (and new Pinterest addiction) to the test. This was my first hosting situation and while I loved it, I don’t think I would do it again. Why? I’m a bit of a perfectionist and put WAY TOO MUCH stress on myself to make it the best. 😬

Here are some DIY tips to reduce costs:

1. Print games, wishes for baby, and advice for new parents from online sources. Use card stock or scrapbook paper to increase quality. Wishes for baby came from here and advice for mom and dad came from this site. Using the ‘notes for baby’ template, I created my advice for mom and dad forms.

2. I found store bought pre-made baby shower invites too boring and online varieties too expensive. The solution? Make my own! All you need: computer/printer, card stock in two colors (I backed them in a light purple matching the ribbon), standard white paper, self adhesive decorative ribbon, cute flare, envelopes, and patience!

3. Diaper raffles are always a great idea as they help the new parents-to-be stock up. These “tickets” were created using Microsoft office, card stock, and a home printer.


4. Making your own party favors or thank you gifts saves significant cash as well. Since all invited guests were women, I chose to make sugar scrub and hand lotion for favors. The basic sugar scrub idea was inspired by this site with minor changes. Instead of peppermint oil, I used pink grapefruit oil as it was a spring shower. Also, I used coconut oil after buying it in bulk from Bulk Apothecary. You can find bulk bottles or jars here, but shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal! I found super cute wooden spoons, but they were so far out of the budget; instead, I settled for plastic spoons.

Utilize the Dollar Store in your area as much as possible! The hand lotion stemmed from this site after searching Pinterest. All ingredients (minus coconut oil) came from the Dollar Store. It really does smell amazing! Adding a small piece of fabric made these super cute!



2 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

  1. So really this post included 5 tips and an outline for making coasters, but the faulty wordpress app has tried my patience! I can not see writing this fifth tip for a fourth time tonight and will leave it for another day.

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