A Wall of Us

I started this project at least a year ago. It was simple, but often got pushed to the end of my ‘to-do’ list because guests would not see it. Finally, it’s finished and I think it turned out pretty lovely!



Autumn Decor

I love fall and all that comes with it: crisp air, pumpkin EVERYTHING, sweaters, boots, the colors, chai and butter rum, apple desserts, scarves, Thanksgiving, wood burning fires, cozy blankets, and football. Really, this list could go on and on!!

This year I began decorating as soon as I witnessed the first leaf turn its beautiful autumn colors. My goal was to make the Thanksgiving decor better than last year; being a second year host I felt compelled to outdo my previous work. Unfortunately, I’ve been bumped for a larger, less decorated house. Oh well! I’ve contemplated having a sort of “Friendsgiving” to share the decor, but in case that falls through…


Missing from this pic is a beautiful large ‘Give Thanks’ burlap bunting banner a great friend made. I’m keeping it for next year to go with the unmade burlap table runner we will have!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!